Michael Gibson

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"High Tea"
Madrone Burl, African Blackwood
                        10" x 10.5"
                    "Black Pearl"
                    7 .5" x 6" 
         African Blackwood/ Cuban                          Mahogany
Made from Pear
Pryo and textured leaves
Approx. 7" X  3"

       "Vicki's Tea"
Spalted Sugar maple
         "Ancient Tea"
         Ancient Kauri
          4" x 5.5"

Private Collection
               "Black Ash Tea"
              Black Ash Burl
                 7" x 6.5"

              Mac's Teapot
                    5" x 8"
          Maple and Blackwood
Dealer of Thompson Toolseler
Dealer of Trend Diamond Products
 Old Blue,

This teapot was juried in for the  Creativity in Construction exhibition, and will be offered in a simultaneous live and online auction scheduled for June 27, 2015.  during the AAW International Symposium in Pittsburgh.
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